Assignment:1. What is your definition of terrorism? Has it changed in recent years? Does it include both domestic and foreign components? Is it possible to find arguments to defend the use of terrorism as a tool in waging war? Consider the American Revolution and its use of tactics in combating the British. Explain your answers in detail.2. Discuss trends in terrorism over the past two decades. How have they changed? What is driving the trends?3. What are some of the management principles basic to computer security?4.Case StudyKatherine Rounds was just hired as the Chief Security Officer (CSO) for Benson Industries, a global manufacturing firm headquartered in Los Angeles with locations in Europe, Asia and South America. A primary reason for Katherine’s hiring is her extensive background as a CSO and her experience with Information Systems security. Part of Katherine’s charter is to work with the Chief Information Security Officer and the Chief Information Officer of the company to address concerns that Benson’s information systems network is vulnerable. Most recently, the number of computer viruses on the company network has increased by 50% from the prior year. Moreover, there have been several instances of unauthorized access to the company network.Furthermore, Benson Industries is consolidating information systems operations into a single data center which will require the development of a contingency plan to ensure uninterrupted information systems processing capabilities during and after the transition. When assessing the overall security condition of the network, what are the areas of concern requiring immediate attention? In order to ensure more robust access control to the network, what actions might the CSO take? When preparing disaster recovery plans, in order to mitigate interruption to data center and computer operations, what considerations must be made to develop a useful plan?

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