300 words minimum and no sources needs

The Course Objective we directly address through our discussion is, “Understand ways that social media tools can enhance learning, collaboration, and connectedness between and among students, faculty, and alumni..” Our text said it well: “Any technology or software can be used for good or bad.” (p.115) Since the topic of bullying (and cyber-bullying) have been the subject of news stories, lawsuits, and educational efforts, we will see how social networking have been used for bad – then good. Find a news story about a negative use of social media. What happened? Which social media were used (or abused) in this case? Were laws broken – or policies violated? Okay, once you have addressed the negative side of the topic with a specific example, share ways that social media were used to expose the evil and/or promote healing. What happened? Which tools can be (or were) used to enhance learning, collaboration, and connectedness among stakeholders? Please explain.

You may find a site like the New York Times subject index on social media to be helpful (http://topics.nytimes.com/top/reference/timestopics/subjects/s/social_media/). We also have excellent tools through our library – including librarians.

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300 words minimum and no sources needs
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