Answer the following questions

Answer the following questions with 75 words minimum per question and at least one reference per question to backup your argument. 1.)Many believe that there are too many lawsuits in the United States. Do you agree or disagree? Why? Discuss who should accept more blame for the problem, lawyers or individuals who go to court. Do you think there is anything that would mitigate the problem, or will there always be a large numbers of lawsuits? 

2.)If you had a dispute, would you prefer to litigate or use alternative dispute resolution? Why? If you had to use alternative dispute resolution, which form would you choose? Discuss the benefits of the method using a specific example. 

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Answer the following questions
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3.)Discuss whether you think the Christian Worldview promotes doing business in a particular way. Locate an example of a business that is operating successfully while espousing and maintaining a Christian worldview. Discuss the unique challenges this type of business faces because it upholds Christian values. 4.)In what situations will a court impose a strict liability standard instead of a negligence standard? Provide a real-world example of a strict liability case. Is imposing this standard fair? Explain why. As a general rule, are strict liability standards fair? Justify your stance.

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