Beginning sections of a Research Proposal

This week you will draft several sections of your research proposal. This draft should be 3–4 pages in length and include a minimum of five resources (it will be used as the foundation for the entire proposal in unit 9).

Topic List for Unit 8 Research Proposal Topics: Border Protection; Bullying in Schools; Crime Displacement; Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED); Contraband in Prison Community Policing; Date Rape; Domestic Violence; Drug Courts; Drug Use; Drunk Driving Education programs in correctional institutions; Electronic Monitoring Failure to Appear (FTA); Family Court; Gangs; Gun Control; House Arrest; Juvenile Delinquency Mediation Courts; Mentally Ill Offenders; Officer Safety; Police –Citizen Relations Police Officer Training Police Patrols Prison Crowding Prison Escapes Sex Offenders Shop Lifting Speeding Stolen Cars Surveillance Cameras (CCTV)Texting while Driving Use of Force Use of Tasers

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Beginning sections of a Research Proposal
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Complete the following sections for your research proposal:

  • Title page: Follow 6th edition APA formatting and citation style for the title page.
  • Introduction: present your topic, a problem statement, and some general information about your topic.
  • Review of Literature: Summarize at least five relevant/related research studies relating to your chosen topic.
  • Variables: Give a brief description of your independent variable and dependent variable.
  • Hypothesis: Provide the specific hypothesis statement which includes the independent and dependent variable.
  • References: You must include correctly-formatted APA in-text citations in the body of your proposal, and a matching reference list in appropriate APA form

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