Behavior & Teams

The reading made me realize that group and teams alike have their own purposes. However, I could not help but notice that teams have more advantages as compared to a group. I believe that every teams starts out as a group and after some time they would then on develop into a team. Being a team is necessary if one needs to truly develop and flourish.

I realized that people or organizations would have better use of a team than a group especially since in a team there could be no room for someone who does not wish to participate (in contrast to a group wherein a person could just sit around doing nothing at all).

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Behavior & Teams
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The reading also made me realize that in an organization there is both a team and a group. The group should do everything in their power to develop themselves into a team. In a group the individual importance of a person is minimized since Person A could still do Person B’s job even if Person B does not appear in a meeting. In contrast, a team could not operate without one of their members since a team was developed based on their own personal expertise which in turn could better ensure their success.
The presence of dependence and independence makes a team something far better and more useful in an organization especially since in a team everyone could meet in the middle and discuss their own ideas which one could not do in a group since only one person has the power to decide (the leader). The reading also made me realize the importance of sensing the needs of others. In professional situations, sensing is very important so that one would be able to gauge the needs of the teams and resolve the conflicts in the process.
After sensing what the problems or the issues may be I should then move on to diagnose what is to be done to resolve the issue and I could better do that by opening the issues in the team. By doing a constructive criticism or the like each member of the team could then move on to contribute what is to be done to better the team’s position. We could also tell each other where one went wrong in order to ascertain that such things would never happen again.
This is one of the most successful plans there could be in ensuring the harmony in a team which could address everyone’s need. References: Mackin, D. (2007). The Difference Between A Team And A Group [Electronic Version] from http://www. sideroad. com/Team_Building/difference-between-team-and-group. html. Williams, N. (2000). The Top 10 Key Differences Between a Team of Individuals and a Group of Individuals [Electronic Version] from http://topten. org/public/AE/AE244. html.

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