Business communication essay

The first part of the case study task 

Asked to work on a new project with a group of colleagues; everyone in the group has been notified to be assigned to the group and the project. This project requires effective communication. You know who these people are, but you don’t have much contact with them because they all work in different departments of the company in different cities. Your supervisor pointed out:

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Business communication essay
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  1. You have the group communication role of the initiator.
  2. Most of the work can be emailed to coordinate tasks, provide and seek information.
  3. When synchronous communication is required, the group can also use the company’s conference call system for monthly updates.

Use the first three steps of DECIDE, a communication decision-making tool, to write an email (at least 2-3 paragraphs) to the group, focusing on the following:

  1. Start group communication so that everyone can communicate effectively.
  2. Carry out group communication, deal with group communication norms for group communication roles, and deal with effective interpersonal communication when using these communication techniques. (Specifically discuss acceptable methods, politeness, and language adaptation in group communication in the workplace.
  3. What information the group may need to know about the possible advantages of communicating via email channels and conference calls.
  4. Communicating about groups may require understanding the possible disadvantages of communicating via email channels and conference calls.
  5. Start a discussion that might interfere with these two communication channels, and suggest how the group can reduce or eliminate these channels.

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The second part is a prose question

Write a reflective essay on the team communication decision you used in the above email for writing the case study task. It is expected that you will integrate the key terms and concepts from Lessons 1-5 in your essay answers. The answer to the thesis should be at least three to four paragraphs, which should include answers to the following questions:

  1. What is your decision on DECIDE: Step 1. Define the goal, Step 2. Evaluate the recipient/situation, Step 3. Create the message before writing the group in the case study to the email message?
  2. In addition to these decisions, what other issues need to be implemented to ensure effective group communication through the practice of expected communication, adaptive communication and reflective communication?
  3. End your article by explaining the decisions you made and how the communicative functions you practiced helped you write a message to reduce the possibility of poor communication between group members.

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