Calculation of Damages assignment:

You are required to research a specific branch of damage based on the underlying cause, e.g. motor vehicle accidents, commercial disputes, personal injury claims, environmental damage, intellectual property disputes, etc. 

The following topics should be covered as guidance: 

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Calculation of Damages assignment:
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1. Applicable legal framework. Relevant legal principles. 

2. Notable cases. 

3. Damages and other remedies. 

4. Main techniques and issues arising in the quantification of damages. 

5. Issues with preparing reports and testifying in court. Critical thinking questions: 

6. Do you think the way in which the law deals with [selected area of damage…] is adequate to properly balance the parties’ rights and expectations? 

7. Is it fair to plaintiffs and defendants? 

8. Are the means of calculating damages in [selected area of damage…] sufficient to reach a fair financial outcome, explain why or why not, and if not what other means of calculation would you use? 

Word Limit: 2500 words (+/-10%) without Appendices and Reference list. Indicate word count on assignment. 

Assignments should include tables, graphics and other visual aids as appropriate.

Referencing must be included should be in 10-point font size. Preferred referencing style is Harvard.

 GRADING GUIDELINES FOR THE ASSIGNMENT WRITTEN SUBMISSION Marks Criteria High Distinction 85% – 100% • Displays an outstanding knowledge and understanding relevant to the task • Insightful evaluation of the factors influencing the quantification of damages • Thorough understanding of the relationship between accounting, finance and law • Outstanding synthesis of ideas from a wide range of texts

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