Can someone please help with law question

The law firm Wiley, Kai, Otee and Associates ran a TV ad that dramatized an auto collision, with injuries and hospitalization of one of the victims, and finally, the trial with Attorney Wiley arguing to a jury.

There was a voice over which begins “trial is civilized warfare”, but assures the audience that the law firm is prepared to build rapport with the jury by making complicated medical facts clear for the jury and strives for victory in the courtroom. Wiley’s firm are all personal injury attorneys that believe that pre-trial settlement of cases is almost always better for clients than facing the risks of the trial. If a case cannot be settled reasonably in the client’s favor, then the case is referred to a trial attorney the firm regularly works with. 

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Can someone please help with law question
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Do you think this ad violate any disciplinary rules? Why or why not? What rules govern this?

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