Criminal justice system

Part 1 

Should our criminal justice system be more punitive or rehabilitative? Why? Why Not?

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Criminal justice system
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Is it possible for a system to be both punitive and rehabilitative?

100-150 words

Part 2 

In the following format (after reading the” brief synopsis” about Bernie Madoff (Page 237 / Box 10.1 in e-text),

1A) Discuss this crime and how it impacted the domestic economy of the United States?  

1B) Do you think a crime of this magnitude could be committed again? Explain!  


1 The ten costliest forms of transnational crime     Annual economic cost (US$) Annual human cost  

 1) Corruption 1 trillion a     2) Cybercrime 1 trillion f     3) Counterfeits 968 billion b     4) Drug trafficking 400 billion b 207,400 deaths c   5) Environmental crime (oil, wildlife, timber, fish) 175 billion h     6) Human trafficking 150.2 billion b 11.7 million victims b   7) Stolen goods 20 billion i     8) Maritime piracy 9.5 billion e 11 deaths, 1,000 hostagese   9) Arms trafficking 2.6 billion b 25,965 deaths g 10) Human organ trafficking 1.3 billionb 12,000 victims

  Total 2.1 trillion (excluding tax evasion and accepting overlaps between crime types) of which 1.6 trillion is laundered d 

150  words

Part 3 

You are charged with the task of developing a definition that would differentiate the difference between hate crimes and terrorist acts.  What would your definition look like? 

200 words

Part 4

Provide an example of two quotations that you will use in your paper. Provide a commentary for each one and show how you will cite each parenthetically using MLA documentation style. 

200 words

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