Crisis Negotiation Strategies

Duane attempted to rob the Main Street Bank. Something went terribly wrong and he is now inside the bank with 22 hostages and a sawed-off shotgun. Facial recognition software let you know who Duane is and his social media page informed you that he recently lost his job, is in the middle of a divorce, and may soon lose his house to foreclosure. You are about to contact Duane on the bank phone. 

In a minimum of 500 words, develop three crisis negotiation strategies using the elements of rationale, reassurance, and trust. With your knowledge of Duane, what would you say, or how would you respond to Duane in attempts to lead him towards a peaceful resolution of this incident? What are three key factors involved in a successful crisis negotiation and how would you apply them in this case?

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Crisis Negotiation Strategies
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This assignment requires that you cite at least two credible sources beyond the required reading and explain why your sources are credible

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