Critical thinker


Q 1) assess what it means to develop good habits of thoughts through hard work (at least 75 words)

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Critical thinker
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Q 2) Describe why you think that Paul and Elder include the examples of Einstein and Darwin. How do these examples differ from what we are normally taught about the best thinkers? (75 words)

Q 3) List two attributes of a well-cultivated critical thinker and provide your interpretation of each attribute using examples from your personal experience. (at least 75 words)

Q 4) Please identify at least two of the intellectual virtues, and describe the differences between the virtues and their corresponding vices. From your own experience, present an example of the virtue or vice from each of the pairs you explain. (200 words)

Q 5) Define critical thinking and contrast this definition with the ways that humans naturally think. Explain at least two ways that you could become a better critic of your own thinking. (200 words)

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