Democratic and Republican elites

Hello, I have a paper that is written, and I need you to rewrite my paper so that it is a logical analysis; it needs to be 5 pages, and I will provide all the articles for you to use, and I will provide the paper so you can see how it is structured and so you can fix it. Please connect all the articles to my summary, and I need you to give quotes in it. Also please follow the sub headings in the lmv mature draft that was the old paper please look at this paper while rewrting.

Summary:Laymen and Carsey argue that the Democratic and Republican elites use conflict displacement when talking about government assistance programs, racial and social issues to remain in power. Elites don’t talk about these topics because they do not care about what people are going through. They only bring it up so it can go on the agenda. Once Democratic or Republican elites get their conflict on the agenda. They will use this issue to blame the other elites for not improving these low-income areas where there are racial and social issues and a high amount of people living off government assistance. Instead, elites publicizing this conflict only benefit themselves because everyone will talk about it and keeps the conflict on the agenda. People know that these elites do not care about them. People feel they are heard by elites when it’s a competition of putting their issues on the agenda. This has validated the argument that elites only care about the maintaining of power in conflict displacement. 

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Democratic and Republican elites
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