Describe the different types of intelligence collection

Part 1

Describe the different types of intelligence collection. Give one example and discuss this topic with your classmates.   

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Describe the different types of intelligence collection
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150 words

Part 2

Discuss three of the agencies that collect this intelligence for the United States government. Give one example for each! 

250-300 words

Part 3

Please watch: Healing Trauma: Beyond Gangs & Prisons 

Here’s the website:

1. How do the many components of Homeboy Industries attempt to address the motto of the organization, “Nothing Stops a Bullet Like a Job”? 

2. Are there any other components that you think would be helpful additions? If so, what?  

150 words

Part 4 

Compare and contrast the anthropological, the sociocultural, the psychological, and the rational choice views of gang formation. Be sure to use chapter 8 as your resource. 

In order to receive full credit write at least 3 well developed paragraphs (BE SURE TO SUMMARIZE INFORMATION IN YOUR OWN WORDS–DO NOT COPY AND PASTE; ONLY 3 LINES OR LESS OF A DIRECT QUOTE) 

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