Discuss cyber-terrorism

Part 1 

Discuss cyber-terrorism and the dangers that this action presents to the United States. Give a detailed example 

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Discuss cyber-terrorism
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150 words

Part 2

Discuss the Internet and how it can be used by terrorists to plan an attack. Give a detailed example!

250-300 words

Part 3 

Identify a youth prevention program and provide an overview of it’s services? Be sure to summarize in your own words and cite your source. Describe how effective this program is, what its benefits are and how it could be improved.

150 words

Part 4

What did you think of the movie as a work of art? Did you like it? Dislike it? Why?  What, if anything, could the filmmakers have done to make the movie work better for you?

Do you see any issues tackled in the film that have resonance today? (I’m thinking, for example, of the rants of Juror #10 who is constantly talking about “those people.”)

How realistically do you think the film portrayed the juror experience?  (If you, yourself, have served on a jury, you can talk about your own experience here.)  Does 12 Angry Men’s depiction of jury deliberation and the jury experience back-up or detract from the theory that the constitutional requirement of a jury trials (unique to America) enhances liberty, due process, and justice?  (How?/Why?)

200-250 words

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