Discuss the four key areas of the USA Patriot Act

Discuss the four key areas of the USA Patriot Act. Give one specific example, then discuss it with the class.

150-200 words

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Discuss the four key areas of the USA Patriot Act
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Part 2

Describe an Executive Orders issued by President Bill Clinton, G.W. Bush,  Barack Obama, or Donald Trump. Explain which executive order you believe was most beneficial for the United States? 

300 words

Part 3 

Why is the U.S. such a violent and aggressive country?

300 words 

Part 4

Please read:

 (Links to an external site.)

https://ficw.fsu.edu/sites/g/files/upcbnu1106/files/article-summaries/AS-DSY-Foster%20care%20geographic%20neighborhood%20change%20and%20the%20risk%20of%20delinquency-170828.pdf (Links to an external site.)

Answer the following questions:

1. Given the findings of the study, what sorts of societal changes would help reduce the likelihood that foster youth will engage in delinquency after their placement in a new neighborhood?

2. What sorts of programs and policies would support these changes? Be sure to support your response with information from chapter 4. 

150 words

Part 5

Write a paper on the Strain theory and its relationship to juvenile delinquency. Provide a current example.

3 well developed paragraphs

Part 6

Why did Leopold & Loeb, two educated and intelligent young men from rich & respected families in Chicago, commit such a heinous crime?

What do you view as the most important reasons they were caught and charged, despite their elaborate planning of the “perfect crime”?

What part of the closing argument in Compulsion did you find most powerful and why?  Why do you think the Leopold & Loeb story has found its way so often into dramatized film and theater versions?

250 words

Part 7

4A.  Focus on Resilience: What are some of the psychological, biological, social, and sociocultural reasons as to why an eating disorder occurs.  Therefore, what are some strategies for preventing eating disorders?   [cite text and outside source]

4B.  Case Study:  The 25-year old man would board trains, stand near unsuspecting woman, select a target, and rub his genitals against her body.  If no resistance was encountered, he would take this as a positive sign and continue rubbing until orgasm and ejaculation occurred. On weekends, he would begin by watching pornographic movies and then spend the entire day riding trains and engaging in genital rubbing. He was distressed by this behavior but felt unable to control his urges.  What makes this behavior abnormal?  What is the best DSM-5 diagnosis?  What is the best treatment for this person?  (Sue et al. 2017).

4C. Abnormal Sleep Patterns:  Have you or someone you know ever experienced abnormal sleep issues? Provide the behaviors and potential diagnosis. 

200 words

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