Discuss three organizations that make make-up the Department of Homeland Security

Part 1

Discuss three organizations that make make-up the Department of Homeland Security. Give an example of one of these organizations and its function.

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Discuss three organizations that make make-up the Department of Homeland Security
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150 words

Part 2 

Discuss the political influences that impact the policies of Homeland Security.  Give a relative examples! 

250- 300 words

Part 3

1. What are some of the risk factors that contributed to Ashlee’s criminal behavior? Connect to chapter 2. 

2. Should she have been charged as a juvenile or an adult? Explain.

3. Considering the mitigating factors, what would you recommend as a sentence for Ashlee. 

200 words

Part 4

1. In the middle of The Law of Life, Old Koskoosh actually defines it.  What is the law of life according to the story?  Do you agree with this definition?

2. The Dark Brown Dog is partially based on things seen by Stephen Crane when he lived in the slums of New York.  Based upon the events of the story, what do you imagine life was like in the New York slums in the 1890’s?

3. Based on the stories you read, as well as my definition in the lecture, what do you think of the literary theory of Naturalism?  Do you agree with its tenets? Disagree? Do you agree with parts of the theory and not others?

200 words 

Part 5

1A:  An adjustment disorder occurs when an individual has difficulty coping with a specific life stressor.  An adjustment disorder is a maladaptive reaction that may take the form of impaired functioning at school or at work, such as having difficulty keeping one’s mind on one’s studies.  Table 4.2 (p. 151) showcases various subtypes of adjustment disorders.  Have you or someone you know ever experienced an adjustment disorder? Or have you witnessed this in a movie or TV show?   If so, describe the situation and the symptoms. 

1B:  John has been experiencing sudden panic attacks on and off for the past few months. During the attacks, he has difficulty breathing and fears that his heart is racing out of control. His physician checked him out and told him the problem is with his nerves, not his heart. What treatment alternatives are ­available to John that might help him deal with this problem? Identify at least 2. Think about lifestyle and professional help options. 

200 words 

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