Emerging Issues in Health Care Management

4-6 pages plus cover page, abstract page, and reference page

Identify contemporary regulatory, administrative and management challenges facing healthcare organizations.

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Emerging Issues in Health Care Management
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Examine the impact of challenges on the management, staffing, operations, governance, and quality of healthcare organizations.

Evaluate the role of staffing and effective management of healthcare professionals in the service and patient care strategies of a healthcare organization.

Demonstrate the importance of data analytics and tools used in monitoring, assessing, and evaluating performance of healthcare organizations.

For this final assignment, research a variety of integral concepts impacting the health care sector. Specifically, identify, explain, and discuss the following:

  • A key legal or ethical issue affecting health care
  • A key advancement in research or technology affecting health care
  • An examples of the evolution and development of patient care and service delivery models
  • Key efforts and protocols for ensuring compliance of health care organization in a changing regulatory and economic health care environment

Once you have pinpointed at least 5 key elements as outlined herein, apply these varied elements to support your argument on the ultimate impact of each, individually and collectively, on health care organizations.

Support your assertions with sound research and tangible examples and at least 4 academic or professional peer-reviewed sources published within the past 5 years.

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