English 102 Essays

English 102 Essays

English 101 Essays require thorough reading and ample writing skills

Most courses offered in Institutions in the US and the UK require students to undertake an English course before they move on to their major courses. Students, therefore, look for scholar online tools they can use to complete their assignments.

At SuccessEssays.com  we offer diverse writing services and we have tutors who can teach you how to write like a pro all the essays for your premier English classes, i.e the narrative, descriptive, expository, and argumentative essays. Each has a distinctive purpose and way of writing. Some deduce a story, some are illustrative, and others set out to alter opinions. One of the good ways to understand each type of writing is to read through a set of essay examples.

Narrative Story

Narration is telling a story from a definite viewpoint, and usually, there is a reason for telling the story. All narrative essays must have characters, a setting, a climax, and most certainly, a plot.

The focus of the story is the plot and is usually revealed consecutively, but you can still put in flashbacks and flash-forwards. If you’re looking to write a personal narrative essay, here are some tips to get you started.

A narrative essay must depict sensory and emotional details to give the reader an experience of the story and not just reading it. You should allow your story to support your point by making sure your first sentences reference to that point to support it. Write your narrative in the first or third person.

Descriptive Essays

 Descriptive essays normally describe the characteristics and traits of people, events, objects, and feelings in intricate detail. The thing being described is thoroughly examined. For instance, if you are describing roses, you might need to detail their origin, their fragrance, or their color.

When writing a descriptive essay, you are required to involve the reader’s emotions and senses. Like, you could write, “I got sleepy.” Or, you could say, ” My eyelids grew heavy while I waited for Santa, My head began to droop, and the lights on the tree began to grow dim” The second part provides a lifelike detail, allowing the readers to feel like they’re there.

Expository Essays

Expository essays usually are written to make comparison, to explore, and to discuss problems. While most of them is still has the storytelling element they have a greater purpose than that. They aim to explain to the reader some integral concept. Expository essays are concise. They are written to explain, inform, and describe and the text requires to be easy to understand. It should report on an event or situation and offer different views on a subject.

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