Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice DQ # 6

Please be very careful in this work with the similarity This class will drop me of if i post anything with more than 20 % similitude.  

Please answer the following Discussion Question.  Please be certain to answer the three questions on this week DQ and to provide a well-developed and complete answer to receive credit.  Also, please ensure to have read the assigned chapters for the current week. 

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Ethical and Legal Aspects of Nursing Practice DQ # 6
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Case Study, Chapter 10, Mandatory Minimum Staffing Ratios
A nurse manager is attending a national convention and is attending a concurrent session on staffing ratios. Minimum staffing ratios are being discussed in the nurse manager’s own state. The nurse manager has a number of questions about staffing ratios that the session is covering. The nurse manager knows that evidence exists that increasing the number of RNs in the staffing mix leads to safer workplaces for nurses and higher quality of care for patients.
1. What are the three general approaches recommended by the American Nurses Association (2017) to maintain sufficient staffing?
2. Summarize the findings that are often cited as the seminal work in support of establishing minimum staffing ratio legislation at the federal or state level.
3. Analyze what proponents and critics say about whether mandatory minimum staffing ratios are needed.

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