Ethical Issues in Nursing

Critical Thinking Critical Thinking Critical Thinking is based on clever thinking that is focused on deciding what to believe or do. Critical thinking is an analytical thinking that’s help in order to solve problems which occur on an everyday basic. Understanding how to figure out a resolution in order to solve a problem is a very great technique in all areas of life. Which is helpful in everyday living, for example school. While attending college I’ll be taking classes in order to become a Register nurse. This gives me an opportunity to use my thinking skills in new ways.
Also critical thinking will help me to have a better view and understanding of material and the capability to perform and succeed in classes. Having the knowledge of critical thinking can help in many different careers. As for nursing, critical thinking plays a very important part in your work. Problem solving and decision making are two of the most essential common thinking processes used in nursing. So it’s very important to identify facts and evidence from opinions keeping a open mind while being a creative problem solver.
For example, I use to work at this nursing home and we were having issues with not knowing if residents were having bowel movements. My director of nursing was trying to come up with an idea on what to do. That when I got an idea a BM chart! I had to think it out before I presented it to my director. Finally when I had it all fine points I presented it to her and it worked. That made me believe you can success by staying focus and open minded. You have to try new things in order to see what works. If you don’t try it you will never know.

Remember to challenge all information unless it provides you with facts and evidences. Ethical Behavior Ethical behavior is a standard I hold for myself honesty and accountability, and how you treat others in all walked of life. Like the golden rule you treat other as you want to be treated. I live by that rule I do people like I want to be done. I feel like you get further in life having a positive attitude toward others. As for me I work in a hospital so that rule really applies. I’m dealing with all kinds of people, sicknesses and even death.
This helps me to relate and have a better understanding toward the patients, families and coworker feeling. Even companies have ethical behavior that’s expected of you and what’s not when hiring an employee. Reflection Reflecting back over the steps it took me in order to write this paper. First off I was totally unsure about what I wanted to write, so I then began to think about the word critical thinking and what it means. That’s when I began to jock things down that I wanted to write in my paper. Finally I got me a cup of coffee sat in front of my computer and began typing.
Last but not least I’ve been proof reading over and over, adding and subtracting words and sentences until I had my final essay. Quote “In order to get the most out of life, everyone needs to develop rational life plan that “would be chosen by him with full deliberative rationality, that is, with full awareness of the relevant facts and after a careful consideration of the consequences. ( Rawls, 1929-2002, p. 13) Reference Boss, A. J. (2012). Think critical thinking and logic skills for everyday (2nd ed. ). New York: New York.

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Ethical Issues in Nursing
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