Evaluating Non-traditional Incentive Systems

Cases: “Evaluating Non-traditional Incentive Systems” and “The Give Back: A Case of Union Busting.”

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Evaluating Non-traditional Incentive Systems
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·         Read “Case: Evaluating Non-traditional Incentive Systems: Howe 2 Ski Stores” on pp. 202–204 of Nkomo, Fottler, and McAfee. – Please see attached file for the case

·         Read  “The Give Back: A Case of Union Busting” on p. 280 of Nkomo, Fottler, and McAfee. Please see attached file for the case

·         Choose one of the cases to analyze.

·         Locate at least one relevant external resource to help you in analyzing the case.

In APA paragraph form, provide your response (at least 300 words) to the questions in the case. Use the case questions as the headings to inform your reader which question/issue you are addressing.Don’t forget to use references appropriately.

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