Health law and Ethics


Read the scenario and fill in the table accordingly.

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Health law and Ethics
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You are the supervisor of release of information. You have hired a new graduate from Durham Tech’s HIT program. She will need extensive training. The first task is ensuring that she knows who should sign the authorizations to release records. To test her knowledge, you give her a stack of authorizations that you have received. The table below shows a summary of release of information requests that were received today. You have asked her to identify who should sign the authorization and why. The age of majority in this state is 18.

Who should sign and why?

– 17-year -old with laceration:

– 14-year-old with gonorrhea:

– 26-year-old mentally retarded male:

– 43-year-old surgery patient:

– 83-year-old surgery patient:

– 63-year-old Alzheimer’s patient:

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