Hire Purchase Act 1967 and decided cases

Advise Atiya on the following situations. Support your answer with relevant provisions in the Hire Purchase Act 1967 and decided cases.Atiya had entered into a hire purchase agreement with Adeeb Co. Ltd (ACL) for a second-hand car. Atiya agreed to settle the instalment within 3 years. After she paid the deposit, ACL handed the car to her. After a month, Atiya just realized that the car tax was not settled by ACL. She paid the car tax and claimed reimbursement from ACL. However, ACL refused to refund, as the car did not belong to them anymore.In the meantime, Atiya also claimed that the car was having an engine problem. However, Atiya was given the opportunity to test-drive the car a few times before she agreed to purchase it. Atiya dissatisfied with the explanation given by ACL.

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Hire Purchase Act 1967 and decided cases
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