How Safety Can Be Improved In The Airbus Success Essay

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Since 75 years, the aircraft accidents have been increasing that 42% of transportation accidents are come from aircrafts. This rate can become more than 60% in 2030 which can be effected on tourism economy. There are some reasons for these such as human errors and sabotage. This report will discuss the cause of aviation accidents and suggest possible solution to avoid them in the future.

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How Safety Can Be Improved In The Airbus Success Essay
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A flight mishap is characterized by the Convocation on universal Civil Aviation Annex 13 as an event connected with the administration of a plane, which happens between the time any individual aboard the plane with the goal of flight until every such individual have landed, where a man is lethal, genuinely harmed, the plane maintains harm, structural disappointment, the plane is missing or is totally unavailable. If the plane is devastated or seriously harmed so it must be written off, it is moreover characterized as a frame misfortune accident. Annex 13 additionally characterizes a fight episode as an event, other than a mischance, connected with the administration of a fight which influences or could influence the security of operation.

The causes of aviation accidents

Human Factor

  1. Unintentional error: It is an unthinking traveling or abnormality from exactness. It may cover a mistake in your judgment occasioned by weak thinking or deficient information (an error). For instance, an American Medical Technologists records the rotation values from an information form and accidentally swapped the number from 45 to 54. Workers did not aim to create that mistake but inadvertently did. A case of an unthinking error could be picked the error information form to lead a particular overhaul or undertaking.
  2. Complacency: It is a human part in flight support that commonly improves progressively. As a specialist earns information and knowledge, a feeling of complacency and wrong self-reliance might happen. A repeated undertaking, particularly a review thing, might be disregarded or jumped since the specialist has achieved the undertaking many times without ever discovering a mistake. The wrong supposition that checkup of the element is not necessary might be made. However, even if rare, a fault might exist. The outcomes of the blame not being recognized and fixed might make a mishap or episode. Routine assignments achieved, again, provide enough time for the mechanic’s observance to stroll, which can also appear in a required assignment not being achieved.
  3. Distraction: A disruption while accomplishment support on an airplane can upset the method. While work restarts, it is probable that the specialist avoids in excess of a detail that requires consideration. It is expected that 14. 75 percent of conservation linked mistake are generated by disruption. Disruptions may be physical or mental in environment. They may happen once the labor is found on the airline or in the hangar. Also, they may happen in the spirit of the operator autonomous of the workplace. Somewhat as straightforward as a mobile call or a modern plane being pushed into the hangar may bother the operator’s absorption on a work. Fewer noticeable is a complicated family or economic trouble or other individual points that can involve the operators thought progression as work is produced. This may produce execution of the necessary servicing less powerful.

Electrical System

All the aircrafts have many electrical circuits that are used in flying, landing, and intertiment device for passenger. Each circuit has a specific voltage either alternative current or direct current in electrical systems. Many aviation accidents are caused due to electric errors which are related to voltage and current. Sources of electric in aircraft can be affected because of small changes. Fluctuation of current and voltage that happened accidently in circuits can damage the power systems. To illustrate, if the aircraft had a 28-volt (unit of voltage) direct current. Electrical system, 34-ampere (unit of current) per hour, air cooled, 30 cell, nickel cadmium battery and two joined 230 ampere dynamos (right and left ) are used in electrical systems towards direct current electrical power to the airplane for a safe journey. That’s mean if any change happen to occur for any of these circuits it will damage the control system.


The percentage of aircraft accidents that are caused by weather condition is about 12%. Despite planes are usually unable to fly when weather conditions are considered perilous, snowstorm, heavy winds and fog can sneak up on pilots and air transportation controllers. Lightning strikes can be particularly unsafe. At the point when lightning hits a plane, it can incapacitate it from various ways. An electrical failure that is caused by lightning can make flight accidents, because it ignited fuel tanks and pipes, and even because the flash itself caused interim blindness. In any case, weather conditions can cause plane crashes. During a flight to Lebanon in 1977, the pilots faced a thick mist as he planned to land. Circling back, he retired the landing several more times before fuel finished and the plane could no longer stay overhead. In 2010, an Indonesian airplane transporting 103 tourists crashed when stormy weather conditions caused the pilot to overshoot the runway. The airplane slid into a pool of water at the end of the runway and collided with a nearby hillside. The effect of the crash caused the aircraft to break in half.


The sabotage of passenger aircraft is one of the deadliest dangers posed by contemporary terrorists. There have been more than 70 known efforts to set bombs on aircraft since 1969. These have caused to kill 1732 passengers in 15 different crashes. There are a few crashes where sabotage is strongly doubtful but not emphasized. Also, there might be thwarted plots and adjacent misses that we don’t know anything about. These accident conform to a troubling terrorist trend toward large-scale indiscriminate vehemence. Truck bombs – enormous amounts of crude explosives on wheels, and sabotage of airship — little-developed bombs intended to avoid detection by security systems, account for the bloodiest terrorist aviation accident : the 1985 sabotage of an Air India flight (329 dead), the 1993 car bombing in Bombay’s financial district (more than 300 killed), and the 1987 sabotage of a Korean airliner (115 dead).

Possible solution

Avoid Human Errors

In the US, early flight psychology concentrated on human manufacturing problem in airplane project. Checking his work at the AML (AERO MEDICAL LABORATORY) in the mid-twentieth century, Alphonse Chapanis the human aspects inventor explained how, after landing certain kind of plane, focused and exhausted pilots occasionally withdrawn the undercarriage as opposed to the wing. Chapanis recognized that in the plane that have this problem the switches for the undercarriage and wing were like in design and place by each other. The cure he suggested was simplistic: detach the switches and let their appearance similar to the purpose they are controlling e. g. An aerofoil appearance for the wing. Also, Walter Grether the US researcher explained the trouble flyers had analysis the first three-pointer altimeter. Investigation observe this device acquired more than 7 second to construe and give eleven percent of mistake of 1000 bases or more. Greatest human accomplishment research in the UK at that time was held at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Practical Psychology Unit in Cambridge. Here essential work was undertaken on points such as the direction of the movement relationships between controls and displays and the impact of a lengthy interval of vigilance on production, particularly in radar administrator and pilot fatigue.

Upgrade The “Black Box”

In the course of recent years, Black Box recorders considered the best critical recoverable equipment pieces from which specialist can deal with what really happened, clears up Paul Beaver, executive of Atlantic Air Operations, a UK-based flight association. However, while recovering the containers from a conspicuous crash zone is clear, it’s less simple for a circumstance like MH370. Air France Flight 447, which fall into the Atlantic Ocean a few years ago, is the situation that springs most promptly to mind. Though bodies and garbage were found inside days, the aircraft’ plane recorders were not acquired until 24 months following the collision, almost five kilometers beneath the surface of sea. So would they be able to be promoted? Furthermore, how? “Black boxes and carriers might be adjusted with cutting edge separable communications that. . . allow their area to be pinpointed inside a couple meters, ” said Beaver. “The guides could be arranged near the tail as this is the part of the bearer mean to survive the impact. Using accelerometers, perhaps a couple would separate and there could be other, which are group discharged. A comparative innovation is utilized for profound jumping nuclear-energized submarines. Batteries could be ocean water fueled, sunlight based fueled or have long life lithium cells. “(

Training The Pilot Efficiently

The NASTAR Center’s Aviation Accident Prevention Program (APP) instructs security specialists working inside the flight society on the laws of collision preclusion. APT is dedicated to advancing harmless and less accident environments for flight processes by transporting the information by our specialized experts. Flight processes include integrally complex hazard than greatest ground processes. Generally, the flight has endured more harms to because of human issue collision than other causes (climate, mechanical). Learners will be studied a sequences of well-acknowledged flight mishap to dissect the basis cause of these mishaps, and how to avoid accident chain. Finish of this flyer security preparation will allow flight administrators and line personnel to build up an efficient Mishap Avoidance Program inside their group. Alumnus of the Flight Mishap Avoidance program will be capable to avoid accident and distinguish to airline and ground maintenance processes. The Mishap Avoidance progress will cover aviation safety hazards, human factors hazards, and accident and incidents case studies.


To sum up, the aviation accidents are one of the most problem facing the world wherever many contraries’ economy are from aviation. This topic has been largely ignored by the economic community in recent years but many company airplanes are slowly becoming more aware of it. In addition, some inventors and engineers have taken action and we now have some possible solution to evade airbus collisions in the future.

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