Instructions: Personal Philosophy of Nursing


InstructionsPersonal Philosophy of Nursing

In a Microsoft Word document of 5-6 pages formatted in APA 7th edition style, describe your personal approach to professional nursing practice. Be sure to address each one of the following criteria:

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Instructions: Personal Philosophy of Nursing
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  • Which philosophy/conceptual framework/theory/middle-range theory describes nursing in the way you think about it?
    • Discuss how you could utilize the philosophy/conceptual framework/theory/middle-range theory to organize your thoughts for critical thinking and decision making in nursing practice.
  • Formulate and discuss your personal definition of nursing, person, health, and environment.
  • Discuss a minimum of two beliefs and/or values about nursing that guide your own practice.
  • Analyze your communication style using one of the tools presented in the course.
    • Discuss the strengths and weaknesses associated with your style of communication.
    • Impact of your communication style on your ability to collaborate as part of an interdisciplinary team.

APA 7th edition include : separate introduction page, separate conclusion and reference page. These pages are NOT included in the writing requirements !!!!

Book for citing / referencing :  Black, B. P. (2020). Professional nursing: Concepts & challenges (9th ed.). Saunders. ISBN: 9780323551137.


  • Nurses, Patients, and Families: Caring at the Intersection of Health, Illness, and Culture
  • Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice
  • Nursing Theory: The Basis for Professional Nursing
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