Leadership Theories Paper

Choose two leadership theories presented/utilized in this course. Briefly define these theories, including their principle components. Some examples of leadership theories are the Trait Theory, Transactional Theory, Transformational Leadership theory, Contigency theory, and many more. Describe each theory and which leadership theory would be best depending on the situation. Be sure to incorporate MBTI theories as part of your discussion. Then, apply these leadership theories to the composition/management of a more effective team. Describe how a manager/leader would build a constructive team with individuals from various cultures and backgrounds.

This paper needs to be completely original and I will check for plagarism!!!

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Leadership Theories Paper
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Your paper should be 5-6 pages long and follow APA requirements. It must also contain concepts from the reading materials and contain an application to reality-based scenarios. Your paper should be original, thoughtful, and reflect your insight and analysis of both course materials and experiences.

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