Mangement 101

Write a 4-5 page paper in which you do the following:  1. Reflect on your leadership experiences. a. Describe the leadership and managerial aspects of your most recent professional role. b. Identify and describe 2 key experiences that have impacted you as a leader.  2. Assess your leadership strengths. a. Describe 2 key strengths, from Jack Welch’s Foundational Principles and 8 Essential Rules, as they pertain to your leadership development.  3. How do these experiences and strengths relate to aspects of your emotional intelligence and your DiSC profile?  4. Develop a plan for mastering your leadership style. a. Identify 2-3 leadership skills you would like to master in the future. b. Describe steps you can take to master those skills. How will you measure your success?

APA Format

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Mangement 101
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