Mass Effect Ending Controversy

In game shown Normandy fighting in the final battle to retake Earth from Reaper forces peephole not telling us why Joker retreated from the battle as the victory fleet continues to fight the Reapers. Leaving fans questioning if the only reason for it was to have the Normandy crash on a unknown world for a Adam and Eve illusion in one of the three endings in this case synthetic where Sheppard is given the choice to merge humanity with synthetic life to increase understanding and to prevent further wars.
Also raises the question why the other crew members would abandon Sheppard so readily and everyone who was fighting to save the galaxy. 2. Beam me up Sheppard Members from your squad who were with you in the final run to the citadel suddenly appear out of the crashed Normandy with no explanation of how they got there. This is made worse as Gamers love interest for Sheppard suddenly emerges from the ship making gamers question further why they would abandon Sheppard after 2-3 games.
No mourning or empty grave for Sheppard. 3. Destruction of the Mass Relays In all the endings no matter what you pick or how high your Effective Military Strength Is the Mass Relays get destroyed. When in the Arrival DICE for Mass Effect it was established that destruction of a Mass Relay will completely obliterate a solar system. As shown on the galaxy map Sheppard would have killed billions of souls in the few seconds than the Reaper themselves would ever have. No matter the explosion it would have the same effect. 4.

The Victory Fleet Stranded With the Mass Relays gone the entire fleet would be stranded at Earth which is made of thousands of ships and hundreds of different races. Which all of which would be orbiting a ruined and devastated Earth that might not be able to support its own people. While the Quarries and Turbans can’t even eat human food. Supplies would run out would the fleet starve to death ? 5. Collected War Assets for What ? Fan’s expected a suicide battle like Mass Effect g’s ending only involving the entire galaxy.
Also that the hours of gamely , Multilayer and Relationships that would have been repaired would have been shown in the final battle as none of the forces you collect are shown fighting during the take back of earth. Battle takes place same as space. With humans looking at a multi colored explosion surrounding Reaper forces. 6. No Closure At the end of Mass effect the game prompts you to buy more content and an insulting scene where a grandpa tells a story to a child and refers to our hero as “The Sheppard” .
No closure on what happened to the people we cared about for five years except for the relationship which developed between Joker and DEED which started in Mass Effect 2. No scenes showing what happened to your character’s friend or minor species also undoes some of these friendships as we don’t see were telling stories of Sheppard which means hero. Or seeing tall on her homework rebuilding it all Were left teahouse is that there all stranding in the sol system. 7. Another Twist Ending?
Players left no choice by developer instead going for a twist ending that is barely relevant to the story which offers no pay off . 8. The Final Revelation The God Child) After your hit by Harbingers beam things go off the rails. As you see both Anderson and The illusive man on the Citadel which player’s would like an option to save Anderson and an option to convince the illusive man to stand down. It feels cheap to be introduced to the ultimate villain “the god child ” as the true force your fighting against in the last few minutes of the trilogy.
As he destroys the mysterious and lore with the reapers by saying Hess the one that created them and the reason for the creation was using circulatory logic saying the created will always rebel against the creator after you make peace teen the quarries and the get during a key part of the game disproving this. As this child says ” without us synthetics would destroy all organics” when during the final scenes On Rancho the Get primes addresses Admiral Ran and says ” your welcome to return to Rancho Admiral Ran with us. 9. Shepherd’s Acceptance of the God Child’s Bonkers logic Extended cut Good “Mass Effect 3 may have added a multilayer component, but many fans were interested in keeping their experience restricted to the single- player. That’s why some were upset to learn that certain scenes (like Sheppard apparently surviving in the “destroy” ending) can only be seen by raising Galactic Readiness – something that can’t be done through single-player missions. Teases been changed with the Extended Cut.
According to Beware, your Effective Military Strength only needs to be about 3, 100 to see all of the scenes. As long as you’re thorough in your solo efforts, you won’t miss anything important at the end anymore. ” Bad “One of the major complaints about the original endings is how all three of them were basically the same, with just different colors for the beam shooting out of the Citadel. There’s still mom of that going on here, even with the new endings.
Many scenes are reused or only altered slightly from one ending to the next” ugly : The worst looking part of the new content is the series of AD art that appears in the red, green, and blue endings. They are supposed to depict friends and allies living their lives in the post-war world, but the static images feel odd and out-of- place considering the cinematic flair of every other major moment in the series. They aren’t even in-game stills; they’re more like concept art. I’m sure Beware has a reason for making the choice, but that doesn’t change the fact hat a slideshows feels cheap and cheesy.

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