Mental illness and Crime Unit III

For this essay, you will continue differentiating between the various categories of mental illness. You can pick either a psychotic disorder or a mood disorder discussed in Chapter 5 or Chapter 6 of the textbook.

Imagine you work in the criminal justice field, and you are responsible for training your department in either psychotic disorders or mood disorders. You are to create a handout containing information on the disorder, which should include the following:

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Mental illness and Crime Unit III
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  • symptoms and onset,
  • different disorders within that category and how they are different from each other,
  • suggestions on working with these disorders in the field, and
  • prevalence rate.

Think about what you would find useful and what could help fellow practitioners. Use APA in-text citations for any statistics/figures. The handout should be a minimum of one page, not including the reference page.

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