Module 7: Assignment

The legacy of yellow journalism remains present in our contemporary media culture. You may instantly think about magazines like The National Enquirer, or you may think of the rise of “fake news,” but there are many more examples of yellow journalism in our news today. Here are a few more examples of tricks played by the news media (and people covered by the media):

Alternative Facts

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Module 7: Assignment
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Blatant Bias

Victim Blaming



Creeping Normality

Slippery Slope

Cassandra Complex

I would like for you to pick one of the above concepts, and find an example in a news article or news video. Explain why your example fits the concept (use Wikipedia to learn more about each concept). Think about how your chosen concept affects our view of the world.

Please be sure to include a link to your example and be aware of your word count.

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