Nature of community

You have been asked to present at a conference about how the nature of community can play a role in the police-community relationship and how the police departments can damage or improve their relationship with the communities they serve. For this assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation in which you discuss the following issues:

  • the nature of community and how it can affect the police-community relationship,
  • the broken windows theory and the role it can play in reducing and preventing crime,
  • the three styles of policing that law enforcement officers use to define their role in the community,
  • police discretion and how it can be used to damage or improve the police-community relationship, and
  • alleged racial or biased profiling by the police and how it can damage the police officers’ relationship with people in their communities.
  • Note please add some or two pictures of police and community  to enhance the slides. You may use footnotes although the assignment does not require them.
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Nature of community
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