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For this part of the final students must choose one of the two prompts below. Please attach your document as Microsoft Word or RTF. This is worth 50 points. Due: Friday night (12/13) LINK IN MODULE 16
Students will be graded on content and mechanics. 
Prompt One: 
Go to the following website: Under the relationship communication test select click here to view test/print test. Go through the questions and think about how you may identify in relationships past, present or future. (Do not share these results with me.) There is no score but every true answer indicates some area of communication that needs improvement. Using our class lectures on communication and this test, construct a (mock) website or assessment tool to test communication in relationships. Things to consider: age, gender, length of marriage, children, location, income, parents, friends, family, etc. What kind of questions would you ask? Who would you ask them to? If appropriate, refer to John Gottman’s work on the Four Horsemen. This can be located via Google, YouTube, or films on demand. The introduction should include a brief analysis of communication in relationships, any statistical information necessary, and a purpose statement. The discussion is where you should talk about the instrument you designed, along with the type of questions, and how you would implement this tool. Additionally, what benefits would your design (website, assessment) serve? Please do not forget a conclusion! This needs to be very specific and thorough. The idea is to have fun with it but it needs to be purposeful as well. (This should be two pages, double spaced, and 12 point font.)
Prompt Two:
For this prompt, students will need to refer back to chapter two and conduct a mock research proposal over a marriage/family topic. Students will work their way through the following steps, explaining in detail how they would complete each step should they actually be conducting the research.
Step 1: Select a topic — Students should leave this vague but explain what m/f topic they are interested in. Step 2: Define the problem — This is where students will narrow down their topic. What specifically do you want to know? For example, if your topic was marriage rates, step two would be a more specific look into marriage rates such as are marriage rates declining? This step is basically where you take the initial topic and narrow it down to something more specific that you can conduct research on. The more specific you get the better validity and reliability in your research. Step 3: Reviewing the Literature — This is where students will review what has already been published on the problem. This will help you formulate a hypothesis and provide overall direction. This particular step takes time and must be done prior to any research of your own. After consideration, students will actually locate two pieces of literature for this step. Students will provide the location of retrieval, as well as the article title, author, and a brief summary about the research already conducted. Look for credible sources! Students will identify how each piece of literature is relevant to their purpose. Step 4: Formulating a hypothesis — Students will state what they expect to find. (5 points) Step 5: Choose a research method — Students will choose a methodology (such as a survey) to conduct their research.
Students must conclude in brief paragraph format a short but logical reasoning as to why they chose their research topic, method, and what they would expect to find.

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