Nursing Assignment magnet Hospital mayo clinic.

This assignment is a one page assignment that I must do base on a magnet hospital in the USA the hospital that I want is ( Mayo Clinic ) this is the url for them the instructions are on the bottom.

you must write about each bullet in the instructions!!!! important!!!

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Nursing Assignment magnet Hospital mayo clinic.
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Choose any U.S. Health Care Organization (HCO),which has not been chosen by another student, preferably a MAGNET HOSPITAL and answer the following questions in 1 page (no title page or references):

Provide the NAME & URL link to the HCO website.
Describe the size (number of beds), location (urban, rurual, etc.) and type of HCO (i.e. Public, Not-for-Profit, Teaching, For-Profit, etc.).
Describe the Mission and/or Vision of the organization, provide link if possible.
Describe the philosophy of patient care delivery (i.e. Patient-Centered, etc).
Describe the “service lines” offered at the hospital.
Provide the title of the CNO, and reporting relationship within the organization.
If possible, describe the decision-making structure of the hospital (i.e. Shared Governance structure, etc).

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