Nursing Homes and Fighting Nursing Home Abuse

300 word post Apa Reference for both

Discussion 1

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Nursing Homes and Fighting Nursing Home Abuse
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visiting nursing homes after coronavirus

Based on, Elder Abuse in Nursing Homes and Fighting Nursing Home Abuse 

  1. What observations can you make regarding elder abuse in nursing homes?
  2. How would you address the problem?
  3. What are specific issues with for profit nursing homes?
  4. Based on information provided in the articles, how does NY fare compare to other states regarding elder/nursing home abuse? (Identify specific cases and studies).

Discussion 2

Based on, How Do Race and Hispanic Ethnicity Affect Nursing Home Admission and textbook Chapter 13 : Ethical Issues in Long-Term Care

  1. What ethical issues are raised in the study?
  2. How should these issues be addressed?
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