Nursing research

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Nursing research
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Paper Details : Nursing research
Read ONE: of these research articles and answer the following questions
Massey, R.L. (2010). A randomized trial assessing the student’s learning of rocking chair motion on the effect of postoperative ileus in patients with cancer recovering from abdominal surgery. Applied Nursing Research, 23, 59-64.this week’s objective(s).
Chism, L. & Magnan, M. (2009). The relationship of nursing students’ spiritual care perspectives to their expressions of spiritual empathy. Journal of Nursing Education, 48(11), 597-605.
1. Identify the statistical procedures used.
2. Judge whether these procedures were appropriate for the hypotheses, questions, or objectives of the study, and for the level of measurement of the variables.
3. Explain the use of a posthoc analysis in the study.
4. Judge whether the author’s interpretation of the results is appropriate.
5. Evaluate the clinical significance of the findings.

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