Nursing research DQ 3 student reply May-deli capo

Please make a reply to this student post adding something extra of what the student already did. APA references and less than 20 % similarity . Minimum 3 paragraph wit at least 3 sentences. 

Literature review is one of the many forms for nurses to expand and implement evidence-based practice to improve the way care is provided. Literature review is part of a series of steps in quantitative study that attempts to concise what is already available about a topic (Polit & Beck, 2017). Literature review is necessary in order to assess what is already known and how this relates to what you have found.
Some researches take the opportunity to review existing literature to try to find answers to existing questions and integrate their results (Literature Review Purpose, 2017). This is a way to establish what is already known and how to advance the research on that topic and add more valuable information. Research review can be found on thesis, dissertation, proposals and research report among others (Polit & Beck, 2017).
I would consider doing literature review for example if I’m trying to establish if there is a difference in medication effectiveness in patients with comorbidities as opposed to those who do not have any. I would review literature on medication absorption and metabolism in patients with different comorbidities such as kidney or liver disease and those without any. This would allow me to examine the research that is available and compare it to mine and reach a conclusion or expand on the already known facts.
Some of the challenges faced today when doing literature review are the main reason why nurses are avoiding and not taking advantage of this step. These challenges include a vast amount of literature that may overwhelm the nurse and not make it easy to decide where to start first. Also, another challenge is choosing which style of review will generate the most desired result and the time needed to engage in this (Josmith, 2018).
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Nursing research DQ 3 student reply May-deli capo
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