NURSING- Writing Assignment- APA Format

Assignment: Two parts
1. EBP Research
Locate two research articles on the topic of your choice, but each article needs to use a different research method (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods). First, summarize both articles. Then answer the following questions…

Which type of research article did you find easier to understand? Explain
If you had to complete a research project which style would you choose and why?

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NURSING- Writing Assignment- APA Format
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This section should include 2 outside references and your book. This section should be at least 2 pages.
2. Political Letter
Identify a current state or national healthcare or nursing issues that effects nurses or healthcare.  Possible websites to locate an issue would be…
State Nursing Association
American Nursing Association
Specialized Professional Organizations
Once you have found your issue, write a letter to your governor, senator, or congress person. Your letter should be one page, in a block format and addresses should be included. Your first paragraph should state the issue. The second paragraph should state how the issue affects you personally as a nurse (avoid medical jargon). The third paragraph should state how the issue affects the community. Your fourth and final paragraph should restate the importance of the issue and thank the individual for their time and attention to the issue.
Your references for the letter should not be cited in your letter, but should be included on a separate reference page.

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