One page paper: 500 words or more, Times New Roman, 12 font double spaced

There have been quite a few instances in recent history of police overreaction that led to injured or killed suspects. Consider the constant stress and threats of imminent danger faced by police officers every day. Aside from those factors, what are three possible reasons police officers might be using higher levels of force more frequently? Explain your answers, providing short examples illustrating your points. . Please read, synthesize and apply the information in order to answer the questions.


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One page paper: 500 words or more, Times New Roman, 12 font double spaced
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1. Answer the following questions.  Please be thorough. 

2. Make sure to define terms and explain concepts in detail. 

3. Please provide TWO sources in your response and cite in the body of the text. Remember to use your text as your first point of reference and then use two (2) additional source to validate your responses. Also have a work cited section as well so I can check your sources.

4. Make sure to cite in APA format the sources that you use (textbook, .gov, .edu, etc.). 

No wikis allowed!**

5. Do not copy information verbatim from the text. 

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