Planning business trips

1. February is my least favorite Month.

2. Many students mistakenly believe that anything that appears in print must be a fact. Especially in textbooks.

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Planning business trips
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3. Lucia works for a lawyer who depends on her for everything. Answering phones, planning business trips, proofreading documents, and scheduling appointments.

4. Helen has now begun to recognize that she has not spent enough time with her closest friends over the past few months and has swore to herself that she will not let this happen again.

5. It is too soon to tell what affect the new principal is going to have on our school.

6. Neither Lisa nor her sister have made a decision yet.

7. Vince didn’t get to sleep that night until well after 2 a.m. that’s why he was so exhausted the next day.

8. You need to remember to take two things with you to the concert tonight, a flashlight and a raincoat.

9. The package, along with all of its contents, were found last night.

10. The main character in John Updike’s latest book that was published this past summer is a teenager who lives in New Jersey.

11. Because it rained all morning our soccer game has been postponed.

12. Michael is knowledgeable about the changeable nature of the universe.

13. If I had known you were coming, I would of baked a cake.

14. Two many cooks spoil the broth.

15. Our professor suggests, that we bring the following to class: a calculator, a protractor, and a pencil.

16. Known for his razor sharp wit, Mark Twain’s books have entertained countless readers for more than a century.

17. Most people these days have the recognition that it is important to express ideas as concisely as possible.

18. Because the weather was so cold we wore gloves every day.

19. Because she practiced her presentation so diligently, Jamie was not the least bit nervous when she stepped onto the stage.

20. The most important responsibilities in my job are taking orders over the phone, handling customer complaints, and to make sure that orders are shipped on time.

21. Walter Adams created all the cartoons for the school magazine. He has been interested in drawing since he was six years old.

22. As we discover in the final chapter, Maria realized that she has been misled by Leslie and decides to call off the wedding.

23. Myra decided at the last minute to skip the party and to go to the movies instead.

24. While dialing your number, my car went out of control and almost hit a tree.

25. The team member that shows the most improvement will win a special trophy.

26. “Once we get inside” David said, “you can take your boots off.”

27. There are, on the other hand many reasons to push this project forward.

28. It is important to take your time, otherwise you will make careless mistakes.

29. Patrick studied all night, that’s why he got an A on the exam.

30. One of the best things about reading short stories are that you can complete them in one sitting.

31. The last time I saw our new principal, Gwen Adams she was on her way to the library.

32. Louis likes to walk slowly on his way home because he get a chance to talk to people he has known for years.

33. In my statement, I did not mean to infer that I agreed with you.

34. Apart from financial need, there is only one requirement for the scholarship, a 3.8 GPA or above.

35. Our school needs a heating system. One that is more fuel-efficient than the current system.

36. I was typing a memo when my boss requested a meeting.

37. Melissa, who was one of the girls who played on the soccer team, which won the championship last year, has decided to play volleyball instead.

38. Shirley has went to the library and won’t be home until later this afternoon.

39. The package arrived yesterday. The package is from our Japan office. It contains the documents we need.

40. Her and Peter will attend the meeting this afternoon.

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