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CFO of Corporate ZZZ, a Fortune 500 U.S. corporation, headquartered in Miami, FL and one executive assistant [EA] will be traveling to Bogota, Columbia to meet with the CEO of rival company to announce a merger possibilities of the two companies at a media event. Ground travel in Miami will be via company-employed chauffer. CFO and EA will utilize commercial aircraft for air travel from Miami International Airport, FL to Bogota, Columbia and return. Ground travel in Columbia will be by armored cars as the CEO, having heard about recent corporate executive kidnappings, has insisted on use of these vehicles. The CFO has indicated her meeting with the CEO of Company XOX will be at their headquarters in downtown Bogota. She and the EA will be dining on the evening of Day 2, at the private residence of Company XOX’s CEO at his ranch on the outskirts of North Bogota. The dinner party is expected to have 20 guests, some of which are business associates of Company XOX and direct competitors of Company ZZZ. The CFO and EA will be staying in an exclusive 5-star hotel. Each member of group will have private rooms. The Bogota hotel has a security director, 8 security specialists, and employs a roving guard service on the perimeter of the hotel grounds.

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Mission to consist of 3 days, 2 nights

Day 1: 10am Commercial air travel to Bogota International Airport, Bogota, Columbia; ground travel to hotel, Bogota, Columbia and RON hotel; meals w/hotel room service or hotel restaurant.

Day 2: 6am local 5 mile run; massage and breakfast at hotel; 1pm meeting at Company XOX; return to hotel; dinner at private residence, CEO Company XOX; RON hotel

Day 3: 6am local 5 mile run; massage and breakfast at hotel; 2pm ground transportation to Bogota International Airport, Bogota, Columbia; commercial air travel to Miami International Airport; ground travel to private residence, Coral Gables, FL.

Known Intelligence:

The merger or buy-out of Company XOX has been in works for 3 years. The CEO has confided that her meeting with the CEO of Company XOX is to publicly announce the acquisition of Company XOX by Corporate ZZZ. The media event will be held at the Company XOX headquarters in downtown Bogota. Many in the industry do not favor this take-over by Corporation ZZZ and made this known in international media appearances and written articles. CFO has made some business enemies since being appointed CFO and leading the take-over of 3 competitor companies. Many personnel in those companies lost their jobs as the manufacturing plants were relocated from the U.S. to foreign countries less regulated.

Known Threat: 

Some very negative press articles about the environmental impact of Corporation ZZZ and Company XOX’s product; allegations of uncontrolled emissions when manufacturing off-shored in foreign countries without strict environmental regulations.

Protection team roles:

  1. Lodging and Dining Advance

Create 5 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides in which the team member will discuss specific areas of concern for their assigned area.

Assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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