“Properties of Data

  • In your own words explain what the textbook means by Inflection Point. Next, state three (3) reasons why you believe our society may currently be at an Inflection Point in regard to digital devices and data. 
  • Using your understanding of the term “Inflection Point” compare the Inflection Point of the development of electrical usage to that of the growth of digital data. Next, discuss three (3) changes in society you believe must occur for a completely digital world to emerge.
  • View the videos titled “A Brief History of Data Storage Part 1 and Part 2” (found in Explore Activities too); then, based on these videos, select three (3) properties of data you found most interesting and summarize each of the three (3) in your own words. Next, provide one (1) specific example from your own experience for each property of data you chose.
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