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Quality Essays

No matter your level in college or whichever course you have chosen, well written papers will always boost your overall class performance. Mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar could lower your grades and limit your career growth. Acquiring exceptional writing skills will carry you through life, open doors and accurately convey your thoughts, feelings, and knowledge to others.

Quality Essays Grammar Rules

Although most students in college or high school know the basic grammar rules, these are the ones they break the most:

Passive Vs. Active Voice: Make the subject of the sentence carry out the action instead of being the subject that the action happens to:

Comparisons: It is only possible to compare things that are the same:

Misplaced Modifiers: These are descriptive words or phrases that need to be beside the word they modify to avoid confusion

Subject-Verb Agreement: Keeping tenses straight will help your subject and verb agree:

Parallel Construction: Two or more concepts in one sentence that are parallel should be the same in grammatical style:

Pronouns: Should agree with and refer directly to a noun whether it is singular or plural:

Quality Essays Spelling Rules

Although we all know the “I” before “E” except after “C,” rule, most students of higher learning, as well as many adults, don’t know the following basic spelling rules which are prerequisites for writing quality essays

Words Ending with E or Y:

Q and X:



Quality Essays Punctuation Rules


Colons and Semicolons:


Quotation Marks:

Dashes and Hyphens:


English spelling, grammar and punctuation is difficult to master, because it is in constant flux as usage changes and the language evolves. Yet practice makes it easier. Following these simple rules will help your written communication be easier to read and your message clearer.

























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