Reading Assignment

Reading Assignment

  • Lynch, G. E. (2005). Sentencing: Learning from, and worrying about, the states. Columbia Law Review, 105(4), 933-942.
  • Bowman, F. O. (2005). The failure of the federal sentencing guidelines: A structural analysis. Columbia Law Review, 105(4), 1315-1350.
  • Robinson, P. H., & Spellman, B. A. (2005). Sentencing decisions: Matching the decisionmaker to the decision nature. Columbia Law Review, 105(4), 1124-1161.

Study the case studies above listed and discuss the following:

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Reading Assignment
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  • Which of the cases illustrate determinate and indeterminate sentencing structures? Explain your rationale.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the sentencing models as well as the practical implications of the public policies behind each. Deliverable Length:  2–3 pages
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