Significant increase in bad debts

Factors that may influence a significant increase in bad debts, or delinquencies, include a troubling downward economy, poor standards for issuing credit, and inadequate collection standards and procedures. I would address the problem by analyzing any economic factors that may have played a role in the rise of bad debts, including the external economic environment to determine if the economy is experiencing an economic downturn, which would help to explain the rise in bad debts as customers are less likely in this situation to meet their obligations. I would also re-evaluate the approval process for issuing credit to make any adjustments to strengthen policies as needed. In addition, I would re-vamp collection efforts to attempt to collect on the increasing number of bad debts already in existence. Some of the possible “early warning signs” that a business needs to review its bad debt holdings include any spike in increased credit sales and new accounts, as well as any special credit promotions that may attract less credit-worthy customers.

Go to the Internet, and read the following articles:
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Significant increase in bad debts
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Select only one of the four.

1. Describe at least 3 types of informal fallacies.
2. Describe the theory of Determinism and list the main supporters of this theory.
3. According to Freud there are three components to the structure of personality. Name and describe these components.
4. Explain why Aristotle is known as the commonsense philosopher.

“Einstein’s Secret to Amazing Problem Solving (and 10 Specific Ways You Can Use It)”, located at
“The Problem Solving Process”, located at
“Interpersonal Conflict and Effective Communication”, located

3. Select one (1) of the step-by-step problem solving strategies outlined in one (1) of the articles. Using the chosen problem solving strategy as a model, brainstorm ideas for each of the steps to develop a solution to the problem scenario that has been chosen.

Write a four to five (4-5) page paper in which you:
Analyze the problem scenario that you have chosen, and organize your analysis into sections that correlate to each step in the selected problem solving strategy.

Apply each step within the selected problem solving strategy to related elements of the scenario that you have chosen.

Suggest alternative actions to the situation(s) within the scenario that correspond to each of the steps within the selected problem solving strategy.

Speculate on whether or not the same problem-solving strategy would be effective if used with different scenarios.

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