“Ten Major Threats of Global Warming.”

Read the “Ten Major Threats of  Global Warming.” Respond in the format provided, 1A & 1B, 150 words or more.

Choose one threat and discuss the negative outcomes that are occurring as  result of this issue globally?

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“Ten Major Threats of Global Warming.”
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  Include real-life examples to justify your discussion!

Write a “realistic” policy for the United States in which you discuss and outline “three or more positive actions” that could eliminate some or all of the negative outcomes that you discussed. 

TABLE 6.1 Ten major security threats posed by global warming

•More frequent and lengthy heatwaves

•More frequent droughts

•Coastal flooding due to sea level rises

•Reduced crop yields due to reduced rainfall

•Spread of tropical diseases north and south

•Increased rate of water-borne diseases in flooded areas

•Ocean acidification due to carbon dioxide affecting fish stocks

•More frequent and stronger riverine flooding in wet seasons due to glaciers melting/reduced water supply in dry season

•Increased incidences of wildfires

•More frequent and stronger windstorms

400 words total 

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