The Buffalo Zoo: “The Big Picture” HRMT FORUM

>>The Buffalo Zoo>> Before we shuffled off, we stopped by to see Adair Saviola, the Director of Development, and tried to get an idea of the big picture.>> Thank you for calling. Hi. I’m Adair Saviola, and I’m the Director of Development here at the Buffalo Zoo. I think one of the ways things have changed around here since Donna came is the fact that because she does know the zoo business, people are eager to share with her what they’re doing. There is perhaps a little bit more accountability across the board because she does understand what each and every department, what their responsibilities are, what they’re capable of, and so, I think that in some instances, the bar has been raised because she does have a full understanding of what the zoo business is all about. Her enthusiasm is absolutely infectious, and that spilled over in the community. The other thing that I think is wonderful is that she’s absolutely genuine. I mean, she tells the truth. It may not always be the truth you want to hear, but she’s as honest as the day is long, and so I think people have come to trust and respect her, because she does tell people the truth.>> So, how does an effective leader foster a motivated and committed staff? Well, in the case of the Buffalo Zoo’s Donna Fernandes, it all comes down to understanding the underlying needs of the employee. Maybe old dogs can’t learn new tricks, but our experience in Buffalo has shown that elephants, their keepers, and the zoo itself definitely can.

Overview: The video emphasizes the importance of  management in employee team member attitudes.

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The Buffalo Zoo: “The Big Picture” HRMT FORUM
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Discussion Questions:

  1. What was the impact of the Donna Fernandez, new President/CEO at Buffalo, Zoo on employee attitudes?
  2. How does a manager motivate and encourage staff?

Instructions:  Your initial post should be at least 250 words.  Please respond to at least two (2) other students (see forum grading rubric).  Responses must be a minimum of 100 words each, and include direct questions.  You may find appropriate articles at the end of each chapter, and/or identify articles through the APUS online Library. Finally, be sure that all forum discussions are answered in full, in order to ensure the best possible grade based on the work submitted.

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