The Characters In Science Fiction Short Story

The characters In the science fiction genre are too small minded to see the big picture. These characters are unable to evaluate the consequences of their actions. The characters are also resistant to the warnings of others. As a result, their ignorance may not only have jeopardized their own life and freedom, but may also have Jeopardized the lives and freedom of others. Characters in the science fiction genre are unable to evaluate the consequences of their actions and as a result jeopardize their own lives and freedom or the lives and freedom of others.
To begin, in the short story “Men are Different” by Alan Bloch, the Robot is unable to see that treating the man as he would a fellow robot could result in the mans death, and ultimately the end of mankind. In the story the Robot decides that the man needs to be fixed and attempts to see what Is wrong with him: “… His thermostat circuits were shot… I turned him off without any trouble” (Bloch 1). The robot archeologist Is here studying the last man In the system. When the man begins complaining of the heat the Robot assumes he can fix him by opening him up as he loud do to another Robot.
This shows that the Robot is unable to evaluate the consequences that may occur if he tries to fix this man. He is unable to see that he does not have the knowledge to fix a human and ultimately ends up killing the man, and ending mankind as a whole. Next, in the story “Random Sample” by T. P Caravan, the little girl could not see that by being mean and aggressive towards the aliens she could be putting her life, and the lives of others in Jeopardy. The little girl is telling the psychologist about her encounter with the aliens when she explains, “Anyway, hey paid a lot of attention to him, so I went over and punched him a couple of times.

I’m afraid we broke up the insides of their spaceship a little” (Caravan 2). Here, the little girl Is telling the doctor about how she Interacted with the aliens. She starts explaining what happened and It Is shown that she was very mean and aggressive towards them. By misbehaving and hurting the aliens and their spaceship, it proves that the little girl was unable to evaluate the consequences that would follow her actions. Ultimately, by acting this way towards the aliens she gave them a bad impression of humans which made them return to earth and kill off the human race. Lastly, in the story “Before Eden” by Arthur C.
Clark, the scientists were unable to think about the consequences to Venus and its life forms if they buried their waste on the planet. After Hutchins and Garfield burry their waste and leave, the carpet plant comes back and discovers the garbage they left behind: “As the carpet crawled back to the lake, it carried contagion to all Its world. Even as the Morning Star set Its course for her distant home, Venus was dying” (Clark 6). When Hutchins and Garfield bury their garbage on Venus, they do not think about how It could affect the planet. The carpet ends up coming back, finding the garbage and then eating It.
The concentrated food, chemicals and nicotine from cigarette butts end up infecting the their garbage on the planet, they ultimately killed off all of the life on Venus. In conclusion, these characters in the science fiction genre were unable to evaluate the consequences of their actions and in all cases either put their own lives and freedom r the lives and freedom of others in Jeopardy. The characters in the non-fiction genre are resistant to the warnings of others and as a result, put their own lives and freedom or the lives and freedom of others in harms way.
To start, in the story “The Weapon” by Frederick Brown, the doctor does not listen to the warning of Mr… Maenad about his creation of the weapon. When Mr… Maenad comes to Dry. Graham’s house he expresses his concern about what Dry. Graham is creating: “Dry. Graham, you are the man who’s scientific work is more likely than that of NY other man to end the human race’s chance for survival” (Brown 1). As soon as Mr… Maenad enters the doctors home, he warns him of how dangerous the weapon he is creating will be to mankind. Dry. Graham is resistant to his warning and claims that he is only advancing science.
Ultimately, Dry. Graham ignores the warning and creates a weapon that could destroy mankind. It is only when Mr… Maenad gives a gun to his mentally ill son, that he realizes how destructive the weapon really is if put in the wrong hands. Next, in the story “A Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury, the hereafter Sickles does not listen to Travis’ warning about leaving the Path and how it could change the future. When Sickles asks why they cannot leave the Path, Travis explains, “Step on one mouse and you leave your print, like a Grand Canyon, across Eternity.
Queen Elizabeth might never be born… There might never be a United States at all. So be careful. Stay on the Path. Never step off” (Bradbury 7). Here, Travis is explaining to Sickles why it is important to never leave the Path. While Travis is explaining this, Sickles questions him and does not believe that what Travis is saying sakes any sense. Sickles ignores the warning and later on in the story when he is running back to the time machine, he steps off the Path and changes the future.
Ultimately, he puts peoples lives and freedom in danger by ignoring the warning and changing the future. Lastly, in the story “The Murderer” by Ray Bradbury, Mr… Brock does not listen to the warning the psychiatrist gives him about damaging technology and as a result Jeopardizes his own freedom. When the psychiatrist is speaking to Mr… Brock, he asks him if he’s aware that the technology he is damaging is not his and says, Mimi don’t want any further help from the Office of Mental Health? You’re ready to take the consequences? (Bradbury 4). The psychiatrist is here explaining that because the technology he destroys is not his, if he does not take help from the Office of Mental Health he will be punished. Mr… Brock ignores the warning and says it is only the beginning. By ignoring the warning, Mr… Brock puts his own freedom in jeopardy and therefore has to remain in prison. The characters in the non fiction genre were too resistant to the warnings of others, and as a result put their own lives ND freedom or the lives and freedom of others in Jeopardy.
In the science fiction genre, characters put their lives and freedom or the lives and freedom of others in Jeopardy. Characters in this genre cannot evaluate the consequences of their actions. The characters are also resistant to the warnings of small minded and blinded by what they want. The characters go by their own agenda rather than considering the greater good. They do not look at the bigger picture which results in their own death and loss of freedom, or the death and loss of freedom of others.

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