The responsibility of bringing forth evidence

Please answers the fill in the blank thank you

1. The responsibility of bringing forth evidence to prove an accused person’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt is known as _________

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The responsibility of bringing forth evidence
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2. This part of the Charter is sometimes referred to the “Override Clause’ or the “Opt-out Clause” _______________

3. Section 7 of the Charter states that each citizen has the right to life, liberty and ____________.

4. Section 8 of the Charter states that everyone has the right to be secure from unreasonable __________.

5. The freedom to join a trade union is protected by this freedom in the Charter._______________

6. When courts find that a law is generally acceptable, but in the particular case that is before them, they _________ the law.

7. In Canada our courts use the ____________ system.

8. A judge decides in a civil law dispute whether the plaintiff or defendant is credible based on a ____________.

9.__________law outlines steps involved in protecting our rights.

10. In 1982 the BNA was replaced by the _______

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