The Robot Tree A New Ecofriendly Technology Environmental Sciences Essay

The paper trades with the construct of a man-made tree called “ ROBOT TREE ” . The Robot tree has the possible to absorb C dioxide which is the major cause for the planetary heating. Although methane, azotic oxide, ozone, fluorinated compounds besides account for the planetary heating, C dioxide is the major gas which causes ninety per centum of the planetary heating. The definition of planetary heating, causes and effects of planetary heating, the solution we propose, how the automaton tree ( man-made tree ) gives a solution to the consequence and the feasibleness of the man-made tree are profoundly discussed in this paper. This paper can move as a guidebook to cognize about the engineering with its seeds and weeds and to acquire the importance of the engineering in the coming hereafter.
We all know that woods are the hoarded wealths of our Earth. But now, world himself has started to destruct woods -the hoarded wealths of our Earth. By cutting trees, non merely that the rainfall will be reduced, besides the temperature will raise tremendously, which consequences in planetary heating. This causes injury to the whole world. Thus the scientists are giving call to protect forest and salvage world. Research is traveling on sing the issue. In our paper we propose an amazing solution to salvage our Earth from planetary warming.The nursery consequence is being accelerated by releases of certain gases to the ambiance that are doing the Earth ‘s temperature to lift.

Global Warming is defined as the addition of the mean temperature on Earth. As the Earth is acquiring hotter, catastrophes like hurricanes, drouths and inundations are acquiring more frequent. ”
Over the last 100 old ages, the mean temperature of the air near the EarthA?s surface has risen a little less than 1A° Celsius ( 0.74 A± 0.18A°C, or 1.3 A± 0.32A° Fahrenheit ) . Does non look all that much? It is responsible for the conspicuous addition in storms, inundations and ramping forest fires we have seen in the last 10 old ages, though, say scientists.
A Their informations show that an addition of one grade Celsius makes the Earth heater now than it has been for at least a thousand old ages. Out of the 20 warmest old ages on record, 19 have occurred since 1980. The three hottest old ages of all time observed have all occurred in the last eight old ages, even.
Carbon dioxide, H2O vapor, azotic oxide, methane and ozone are some of the natural gases doing planetary heating.
Ninety-three per centum of all emanations
Generating power by firing C based fossil fuels like natural gas, oil, and coal, decomposition, accounting for about one one-fourth of all planetary emanations.
Twenty times more effectual in pin downing heat in our ambiance 25 times every bit powerful as C dioxide
Agricultural activities, landfills.
Agricultural dirt direction, carnal manure direction, sewerage intervention, Mobile and stationary burning of fossil fuel, adipic acid production, and azotic acid production.
Automobile fumes and industrial procedures.
Industrial procedures such as foam production, infrigidation, dry cleansing, chemical fabrication, and semiconducting material fabrication.
Smelting of aluminum
Greenhouse gas emanations could do a 1.8 to 6.3A° Fahrenheit rise in temperature during the following century, if atmospheric degrees are non reduced.
Produce utmost conditions events, such as drouths and inundations.
Threaten coastal resources and wetlands by raising sea degree.
Increase the hazard of certain diseases by bring forthing new genteelness sites for plagues and pathogens.
Agricultural parts and forests are besides susceptible to alterations in clime that could ensue in increased insect populations and works disease.
The debasement of natural ecosystems could take to cut down biological diverseness.
To foretell the hereafter planetary heating effects, several nursery gas emanation scenarios were developed and fed into computing machine theoretical accounts.
They project for the following century that, without specific policy alterations
Global average temperature should increase by between 1.4 and 5.8A°C ( 2.5 to 10A°F ) .
The Northern Hemisphere screen should diminish further, but the Antarctic ice sheet should increase.
The sea degree should lift by between 9 and 88 centimeter ( 3.5 ” to 35 ” ) .
Other alterations should happen, including an addition in some utmost conditions events.
After 2100, human induced planetary heating effects are projected to prevail for many centuries.
The sea degree should go on lifting for 1000s of old ages after the clime has been stabilized. We have weather up to 40 degree Celsius now.
In air the C dioxide concentration should be about 330 ppm ( parts per million ) .But due to environmental research workers the C dioxide content will increase as follows,
2025i? 405 to 469 ppm
2050i? 445 to 640 ppm
2100i? 540 to 970 ppm
We have weather up to 40 degree Celsius now. It is expected that the conditions will increase in Tamil Nadu as follows.
In 2025 i? 0.4 to 1.1 grade Celsius
In 2050 i? 0.8 to 2.6 grade Celsius
In 2100 i? 1.4 to 5.8 grade Celsius
Solution WE PROPOSE:
We all know that woods are the hoarded wealths of our Earth. But, adult male started to destruct woods and the scientists are giving call to salvage forest. We all know that forests aid to protect the Earth from planetary heating. By cutting trees, non merely that the rainfall will be reduced, besides the temperature will raise tremendously, which causes injury to the whole world. The research is traveling on all the clip to salvage the world from planetary heating. Now, it has been found that automaton trees will assist to undertake the job of planetary heating. In the air, the C dioxide content should be 330 ppm ( portion per million ) . Day by twenty-four hours it is increasing which consequences in planetary heating.
The scientists are seeking to do automaton to execute assorted activities to cut down the physical and mental work of human being. The combination of nature and automatons is called Robotany. The scientists Jill Coffin, John Taylor and Daniel Bauen are researching on automaton tree. The robot tree does non look like our ordinary tree. The constructions of the root, roots and foliages are present in the automaton tree. Does robot corner aid to work out the job of planetary heating?
I have read in a magazine late that the experiment done by the research workers at Madurai Kamaraj University on automaton tree is successful. Hats off to them. It is truly happy intelligence. We have studied in history that the male monarchs of olden yearss had planted trees on both sides of the route. In the same manner we hope that all the roads will hold robot trees on both sides in future to forestall planetary heating and salvage the Earth. It is said that one automaton tree is equal to 1000 natural trees. Each automaton tree looks more like a elephantine fly flyswat so as to stay as guards of world
Klaus Lackner, a professor of Geophysicss at Columbia University, is working on an interesting construct: A “ man-made trees ” .A The thought is to reproduce the procedure of photosynthesis to gaining control and shop monolithic sums of CO2 gas. About 90,000 dozenss of C dioxide a twelvemonth, approximately the sum emitted yearly by 15,000 autos, could be captured by the construction. Paired with a windmill, the carbon-capture tree would bring forth about 3 megawatts of power, Lackner calculates, doing the operation self-sufficient in energy.
The scientists are seeking to do automaton to execute assorted activities to cut down the physical and mental work of human being. The combination of nature and automatons is called Robotany. The scientists Jill Coffin, John Taylor and Daniel Bauen are presently researching on automaton tree.
Merely conceive of a normal tree. A normal will hold a root, root and foliages. In the same manner, the automaton tree besides has root, root, subdivision and foliage like normal tree. Some plastic poles are fixed in the root portion and in between solar home bases are fixed which act as foliages. In the large poles little holes are made and little poles are fixed. This will absorb C dioxide in the air. In the interior of large poles there will be calcium hydroxide liquid and the captive C dioxide will be dissolved in it.
The solar home bases produce current and base on balls current inside the root, which will divide C and O. Oxygen, H and vapor will come out. The C will move with H2O and go carbonaceous acid. The carbonaceous acid will go through down through automatons and will be absorbed by the dirt Once once more.
A study of the signifier and building of A Tree for Anable Basin
A new “ air extractor ” engineering presented by Klaus Lackner, a professor of Geophysicss at Columbia ‘s Earth Institute, offers something no other C gaining control engineering on the pulling board has. Unlike conventional C gaining control and storage ( besides known as geosequestration ) , which absorbs C02 on-site ( i.e. the flush watercourse of emanations from power workss ) , air extractors absorb C dioxide from any location on the planet. This means that CO2 emanations can be captured from about all large-emitting sources-from stationary mills and power workss to autos and planes in gesture. These man-made trees can “ thrive ” in any location.
man-made trees
A computer-generated image of Lackner ‘s “ man-made trees. ”
Man-made trees do n’t precisely look like your mean tree with green foliages and roots. Although the design is non finalized, Lackner predicts that the device would look more like a station with Venetian blinds strung across it ; a boxlike extractor raised about 1,000 pess tall, adorned with scaffolding lined with liquid Na hydrated oxide ( normally known as lye ) . When exposed, Na hydrated oxide ( lye ) is an absorbent of CO2. So, as air flows through the Venetian blind “ foliages of the tree ” , the Na hydrated oxide will adhere the CO2, sifting out cleansing agent, about 70-90 % less CO2 concentrated air on the other side. Lackner estimates that an country of Na hydrated oxide about the size of a big Television screen ( a 20 inch diagonal ) and a metre in deepness could absorb 20 dozenss of CO2 a twelvemonth. Paired with a windmill, a carbon-capture tree could bring forth about 3 megawatts of power.
The chemical procedure of utilizing Ca or Na hydrated oxide to absorb CO2 has been known for old ages but the inquiry of whether it can be done in an low-cost energy efficient mode has non yet been to the full answered. Constructing and raising the aggregator device is merely 20 % of the cost ; the balance of the cost involves prising the CO2 loose from the absorbent and hive awaying it- an energy intensive procedure. The dorsum of the envelope computation of entire cost supposes 3000 to 5000 rupees per ton captured, which is big as compared to the 1000-2000 rupees per ton on cost that advocates of a C revenue enhancement or cap-and-trade strategy believe will stabilise atmospheric emanations of CO2. It may look like excessively immerse a cost to closely see, but Lackner believes “ it ‘s deserving looking at things that start out even five times excessively expensive “ .
Despite common concern that CCS, and therefore air gaining control excessively, will deter our society from traveling to clean energy options.
Fossil fuels are non running out anytime shortly, and if we were to turn all of them into C dioxide, we ‘ll hold a clime calamity. We may run out of oil and gas ; you can be disbelieving of that. But we wo n’t run out of coal. We either abandon dodo fuels instantly within the following 50 old ages or figure out a manner to make CCS.
“ As we head toward 450, 550, even 750ppm this century, environmental leaders are acquiring serious about C gaining control and storage. A 2005 IPCC study concluded that “ C gaining control and storage “ has the possible to cut down overall extenuation costs and increase flexibleness in cut downing nursery gases ” .
Existing C gaining control engineering can cut down CO2 emanations from coal-burning or natural-gas power workss by 80 to 90 per centum, estimates the efficiency and some renewables are cheaper now, but if the clime begins to tip out of control, so C gaining control and storage can supply a planet-saving insurance policy.
The reaction of Na hydrated oxide with C dioxide ( as carbonaceous acid ) occurs basically in two stairss, foremost a reaction from carbonaceous acid to bicarbonate and so to carbonate. This is a simple acid-base reaction. CO2 is an acerb anhydrite and NaOH is a base. So reaction gives the salt Na2CO3 and H2O
another possible merchandise is the salt Na2CO3 that is produced if a 1:2 ratio of CO2 and NaOH is used. A little per centum of wet nowadays in the absorptive stuff, ( about 3 % ) is of import. CO2 reacts with this wet to organize carbonaceous acid,
CO2+H 2O- & gt ; H2CO3
Which in bend reacts with the hydrated oxide to organize the salt of carbonaceous acid, or Na carbonate? The soaking up of C dioxide is expressed as follows: The merchandises of reaction are sodium carbonate and H2O.
H2CO3 + NaOH – & gt ; NaHCO3 + H2O
NaHCO3 + NaOH – & gt ; Na2CO3 + H2O
DECARBITEA® is an engrossing merchandise. This merchandise is sodium hydroxide carried on a silica base. The natural affinity of Na hydrated oxide to acid gasses makes it a desirable stuff to utilize in the soaking up of the acid gas C dioxide. The Na hydrated oxide content in DECARBITEA® is high, about 90 % , and histories for the aggressive merchandise public presentation and exceeding capacity for soaking up of C dioxide.
The Na hydrated oxide content in DECARBITEA® is high, about 90 % , and histories for the aggressive merchandise public presentation and exceeding capacity for soaking up of C dioxide.
The universally recognized Carbon Dioxide absorbent, DECARBITEA® is a consumable chemical absorbent. It is a specially formulated mixture of Sodium Hydroxide on to an inert silicon oxide bearer supplying a surface country particularly suited for the rapid, high public presentation and entire soaking up of CO2 on contact.
For the rapid or high public presentation quantative soaking up of CO2 in the ppm scope
DECARBITE is colour indicating, altering from light-green brown to white upon C dioxide impregnation. The soaking up of C dioxide remotion or any acerb gas utilizing DECARBITE is a chemical reaction, non a physical one. Carbon dioxide reacts with the Na hydrated oxide based absorbent and undergoes a complete chemical alteration. This alteration is irreversible ; therefore the absorbent can non be regenerated for reuse. This alteration is clearly perceptible and indicates when exhausted stuff is to be discarded.
Occasionally, a status known as channeling can happen when the gas flow finds holes or countries of least opposition and a channel is formed. The gas flow follows these channels through the absorbent get the better ofing the intent of scouring out the C dioxide. DECARBITE eliminates this job in several ways ; the silicon oxide binding to the Na hydrated oxide keeps the atoms from adhering in the presence of wet which is formed as a by-product of the soaking up reaction. It besides aids in forestalling the absorbent to blend into a solid mass barricading gas flow and doing back force per unit area across the soaking up bed.
The association reaction of NaOH with CO2 is at least 40 times faster than NaOH + HCl at all heights below the Na bed. Na species will non impact stratospheric ClOx and O3 chemical science. The transition of C dioxide to bicarbonate is complete at pH 8.3.Phenolphthalein can be used as a colour index for the titration.
Energy is truly a topographic point where more engineering is perfectly necessary. About one and half a lakh automaton trees are adequate for sublimating C dioxide in the air for one twelvemonth, about. One automaton tree is said to hold the capacity to absorb 90,000 dozenss of C dioxide every twelvemonth. It is the sum of C dioxide released by 15,000 autos in one twelvemonth. But robot trees will non assist to convey rain. It will protect the Earth from planetary heating.
Cost: ( app )
10 pess robot tree-50,00
200 pess robot tree-5 hundred thousand.
The cost of the automaton tree may be high, but the cost of non holding outstanding engineering for planetary heating may be even higher. There are n’t that many big scale beginnings of energy could be tapped at the graduated table the universe needs them. Hydro will ne’er be adequate, and neither will weave. Solar, atomic, and dodo could be adequate, but they all have defects. If we do n’t put large stakes on all three, we could happen ourselves with none of them working, and we ‘ll hold energy crisis of unprecedented proportions. We have studied in history that the male monarchs of olden yearss had planted trees on both sides of the route. In the same manner we hope that all the roads will hold robot trees on both sides to forestall planetary heating and salvage the Earth. It is said that one automaton tree is equal to 1000 natural trees.
“ Implement automaton trees
Prevent planetary heating,
And therefore,
Salvage the Earth! ! ! ”

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