The United States Criminal Justice System

Each student is required to write a APA Style 7th edition term paper that consist of three (3) full pages of substance, not including the cover page and reference page.

Students must select one of the topics below to research and write on. The topic choice is up to the learner, but the top selection must come from this list.

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The United States Criminal Justice System
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The United States Criminal Justice System 

Criminal Law in the United States

The History of US Law Enforcement 

Compare different police patrol procedures 

Law Enforcement Jurisdiction 

Analysis of a Supreme Court Case (Student can select any US Supreme Court Case that impacted police producers or protocols)

Federal law enforcement (select only one agency) 

Police Patrol Procedures (select one are to focus on) 

Local Police/Law Enforcement (Select a state, county, or city department) 

Technology used to enhance police patrol strategy 

History of US Jails 

The State Court System (Students are free to select the state court system they write about)

Corrections (any area but it is advised to select a narrow topic) 

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